1. SALES TRAINING building strong sales organization


All of our training programs are customized to certain challenge that our clients might encounter. Long before the training is being held we worked closely with them to really understand, not only their challenge but also their culture and unspoken words. The result is sales training program that really fit to their needs and organization and delivered in their “language”.

  1. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT translating targets into action


To align with certain requirements of our clients, we provide sales improvement program to crack specific sales operational issues. Starting with our diagnostic sessions, the program addresses problem areas rigorously to formulate actionable solutions.  It does not end there, we ensure the implementation of that new initiatives by providing our clients with intensive mentoring sessions. We wrap up the program with in-depth post analysis to ensure the follow through.

  1. STRATEGY REVIEW building the edge

In some cases our clients have more than just operational issues, they had a more fundamental challenge in conducting their sales and distribution. For this situation,  PlusOne provides sales strategy review service where we work closely with our clients to assess current sales and distribution strategy and come up with enhanced one. We also actively involved in the initial phase of implementation.

  1. SALES INFORMATION exploring the opportunities

Effective flow of information is very critical to any sales and distribution operation.  It connects many parts of the organization and thus determines how effective any sales organization operates and delivers target. To cope with the challenge of making information useful for the sales team,  we provide sales information management service.  From assessing the existing sales information system, development of the system and supervising the trial run for the new system.

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